PRODOCOP is a monthly subscription web based application which any business owner can purchase in order to run their business easily and in a convenient manner..It uses a SMS Push pull system which connects to a cloud server for service activation.


Keep all your customers and their contact information in one place and access ift from any device you like.Its so simple to keep your products and inventory up to date by a few clicks.Get notified on low inventory .Create invoices for your sales and send them to your customers easily.Any non tech sales man can use them without any technical knowledge.Generate report1` of your daily ,weekly,monthly sales or as you would like to observe the progress of your sales.Export it in PDF,Text, or Excel.

Warranty Activation Automation

This is precisely what our warranty And Asset Management solution does.through the automation of Warranty claim handling and installed base asset tracking,Dhaka pixel Service Management enables service organisations to create ,administer process and track warranties ,claims and assets through their full lifecycles. As a result third parties can submit valid claims and receive credits,customer service can verify coverage and initiate recovery,and field technicians can track asset history and replace in warranty parts.

Product Authenticating

The product Authentication Service is a secure and scalable way to crack down on counterfeit products such as medications,cosmetics,auto parts,toys,electronic components,and tickets to popular musical,sporting or entertainment events.The Product Authentication Service allows customers to use their smartphone to scan a products QR code or send the code via a text message.Immediate resuls help verify whether the product is real or counterfeit.This helps save customers from potential physical harm and businesses from facing lawsuits, loss of revenue and brand erosion.