COIN71 is an aggregator platform that brings in Multiple Merchants, Telco Operators and End Consumers under one Platform. Unlimited Merchants can be added in one single platform. Merchants can enjoy multiple Telco Operator Charging by joining only one platform.Customers get payment security as the payout is held until the service delivery is confirmed.The customer does not hold any risk of losing money without getting the desired service.


In todays globalized electronic world,it is important to provide customers with easy access to all services on your website.While designing items like the details of your products and services ,and creating web forms to make sure that you are contactable at all times is easy,there are other aspects of a webpage which are more difficult to organize. One of the most complex items to finalize is the payment portal. Since money is being transferred through this gateway,it is one of the most important parts of your site.It has to be secure from unwanted eyes so that it protects the personal details of your customers as well as the details of your business bank account.If you are looking for a company which can take care of your payment woes ,then you are on the right website.We have developed our product and are currently providing services to companies all over Bangladesh.