Dhaka Pixel offers a variety of web building services to you. Through our own Hosting Service, domembo.com, we offer Capnel with every hosting package. All of Domembo Packages come with easy site building tool such as the popular Weebly, and Softalucas. We also offer customized website development along with graphics design for your business. Dhaka Pixel is specialised in graphic design and web based automation. Our major services include: logo design, web development, online store development, warranty management, sales automation, and shared IT operation. For more information and appointment please call us @ +8802-9888809

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About Us

Dhaka Pixel is an ICT based innovation company, working towards deploying great new technology platforms.

Dhaka Pixel is an ICT based farm established in 2012 with Digital Imaging Services only. Since January 2014 Dhaka Pixel started operating in various other fields of ICT services. In addition to the graphics, and animation services, currently the main unique selling proposition of Dhaka Pixel is its e-Commerce solutions and related support services.   Dhaka Pixel is now working as a one-stop e-commerce solution provider to its clients. Starting from registering the domain name, we work with our clients till they make their products reach to the end consumers’ doorstep. Our complete package includes Domain Registration, Web hosting, designing and developing online store, integrating payment gateway and delivery management system with country’s leading courier services, facilitating world-wide product delivery and last but not the least, facilitating all type of digital marketing to enhance the customer base of our clients.